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Wonder Sleep Mask

Wonder Sleep Mask

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Why Use the Wonder Sleep Mask?

100% Blackout

Experience 100% blackout when falling asleep with the Wonder Sleep Mask! The absence of light sends a signal to your body’s sleep clock that it is time to rest, so using our sleep mask will help you fall asleep faster and deeper.

Adjustable Cups

We know that every face shape is different, so the Wonder Sleep Mask has adjustable cups that can be moved closer together or farther apart to perfectly fit your face!


The last thing you want is to be sneezing when you’re trying to sleep! That’s why we made sure that our Wonder Sleep Masks are developed with materials that are 100% hypoallergenic.

Breathable & Comfortable

Made with 100% cotton and soft foam, the Wonder Sleep Mask offers breathable and comfortable wear to help you sleep even better. 

 Product Details

  • 100% Cotton External Material
  • Drawstring Bag Included
  • Foam Earplugs Included 
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Materials Used

100% Cotton

Breathable, absorbent of moisture, chemical-free, durable and woven from the softest fibres.

Soft Foam

Soft foam has optimal pressure relief. It has a high degree of adaptability as well.

  • 100% Blackout

  • Adjustable Cups

  • Zero Eye Pressure

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Marc Francis
Great quality product

Great quality product and very happy with this purchase.

SALVE Loneza

Wonder Sleep Mask

100% black out.

True to its claim. It's 100% black out.

I'm on the night shift which is why I need this

Came with earplugs though I doubt I'd be using it because I won't be able to hear my alarm. I'm on the night shift which is why I need this because it really sucks to sleep around 10-12nn -ish since it's really bright out. Like someone already said, not complete coverage but preferable compared to other/normal eye pads. Flipping them around so the pointy ends are inward seems to have increased the black out to 99%

Total black out talaga

Total black out talaga! It really helped my sleep.