Environmentally Friendly

Significantly more sustainable than that of viscose or rayon bamboo fibers


Developed with materials that are 100% hypoallergenic

Ultimate Comfort and Luxury

Premium fabrics made of high-quality materials offer supreme comfort, resulting to a more luxurious sleeping experience.


How will the Wonder Slumber Weighted Blanket help me sleep better?

Our innovative and effective weighted blankets utilize a therapeutic technique called Deep Pressure Stimulation, which has been shown to induce relaxation, relieve pain, lessen anxiety, and improve one’s mood - all contributing to giving you a good night’s rest.

Will your Weighted Blanked help with anxiety and insomnia?

Yes, our weighted blankets use Deep Pressure Stimulation which relax the nervous system and help with anxiety and insomnia. 

Who should use the Wonder Slumber Weighted Blanket?

We recommend our weighted blanket for individuals who weigh between 125 to 213 lbs and have trouble sleeping, suffer from anxiety, or simply just want to relax and improve their overall sleep quality.