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Bamboo Weighted Blanket w/ Bamboo Duvet Cover

Bamboo Weighted Blanket w/ Bamboo Duvet Cover

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Why Use the Wonder Slumber Bamboo Weighted Blanket?

100% Lyocell Bamboo Fabric

Unlike other Bamboo Weighted Blankets in the market that use viscose or rayon bamboo materials, our Weighted Blanket is made of 100% superior Lyocell Bamboo Fibers. Lyocell Bamboo produces fabrics that are soft, breathable, luxurious, and thermoregulatingThe process of making Lyocell Bamboo fibers also does not involve any harmful chemicals, unlike that of viscose or rayon bamboo.

Even Weight Distribution

We developed our blankets to have even weight distribution for maximum effectiveness. Our high-quality micro-glass beads are equally isolated in small 6-inch square stitch patterns throughout the blanket to evenly distribute the blanket’s weight. The separate blanket duvet cover also has 8 tie points instead of 4 to ensure uniform distribution.


The last thing you want is to be sneezing when you’re trying to sleep! That’s why we made sure that our weighted blankets are developed with materials that are 100% hypoallergenic, from the Lyocell bamboo covers to the micro-glass beads filling. 

Product Details 

  • External Material: 100% Lyocell Bamboo
  • Internal Filling: Micro-Glass Beads with Polyester Fibers
  • 100% Lyocell Bamboo Duvet Cover Included
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    How Does a Weighted Blanket Work?

    Our Weighted Blankets utilize a therapeutic technique called Deep Pressure Touch, which is the concept of applying pressure to relax the nervous system. In other words, it basically mimics the feeling of being hugged tight while sleeping!

    Ultimate Comfort & Luxury

    Our Weighted Blankets were developed to give you the best sleep possible. With the outer layer of the blanket made with 100% Lyocell Bamboo, our blanket is softer and silkier compared to cotton or linen. This gives both a cooler and more breathable experience for a more luxurious deep sleep.

    Materials Used

    100% Superior Lyocell Bamboo Fibers

    We only use 100% Superior Lyocell Bamboo fabric, which makes our sheets lighter, softer, stronger, and free from harmful chemicals, all while minimizing the environmental impact from production.

    Internal Filling: Micro-Glass Beads with Polyester Fibers

    Top quality, and the most luxurious and quiet filler when it comes to weighted blankets.

    • Breathable & Softer

    • Environmentally Friendly

    • Hypoallergenic

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Helps with falling asleep faster!

    Immediately gives me comfort and helps with falling asleep faster!

    We love our blanket!

    We love our blanket! I bought several to give as gifts and they all loved them too! I will be ordering more this christmas!

    Helped improve the time at which I fall asleep

    The material is smooth and soft and does not irritate the skin. The weight is also perfect and has helped improve the time at which I fall asleep. I’m glad I chose Wonder Slumber for my weighted blanket :)

    My sleep quality improved

    My sleep quality improved! Thanks to the Wonder Weighted Blanket.

    Deeper sleep when I use the weighted blanket

    At first I found it difficult since super bigat. But now I can’t sleep peacefully without it haha. I really do feel na I have deeper sleep when I use the weighted blanket. The only downside siguro is mahirap ifold yung blanket after waking up hahaha


    Which Size Should I Buy?

    The Queen Size is best for individual use (recommended for people weighing at least 125 lbs).The King Size is best for couples. 

    Is This Safe to Use for Kids?

    This is not intended to be used by children under the age of 3 or individuals weighing less than 50 lbs. We recommend this for individuals weighing at least 125 lbs.

    Safety Precautions

    People with sleep apnea or other conditions that may cause trouble breathing should consult their doctor first before using our product.

    People who have trouble getting up from bed whether it be due to back problems or other causes should consult their doctor first before using our product.